University Career Services appreciates all of the cultures, ethnicities, and identities in our student body. We are committed to supporting traditionally under-represented groups in their career journey. However, students must play a proactive role in their own career development and so we have provided these resources for you.

Investigating a Company's Commitment to Diversity

If working in an organization that values diversity is important to you, research what companies are doing to create an inclusive environment for all employees. See below for a few tips or view our handout "Investigating a Company's Commitment to Diversity".

Investigating a Company's Commitment to Diversity (PDF)

Before applying
Examine the company's recruiting practices, and conduct informational interviews with employees working for the organization.

During the interview
Find out if they have any employee programs in place to help foster an equitable and inclusive culture.

After getting an offer
Investigate where and with whom the company does business. Research the company's compliance with federal laws, and evaluate the benefits package.