You talked, We listened.

Here at Mason, our career model may be a little different than what you've experienced at other universities. We listened to employer feedback over the years and heard that "major" does not equal "career." So we shifted the way we operate to an Industry Focused Approach. Now, when we meet with students, we don't say, "What can you do with your major?" but instead "How can you use your knowledge, skills, and talents in your industry of choice?"

Industry Advising and Employer Development Team

In order to implement an Industry Focused Approach, we created an Industry Advising and Employer Development (IAED) Team. Each member of our IAED Team, called Industry Advisors, has been assigned a cluster of industries and has become an expert on those industries.

On a day to day basis, our Industry Advisors meet with students who have selected one of their industries as their industry of interest. Industry Advisors are also responsible for employer development in those same industries. In addition, our Industry Advisors partner with faculty and staff across campus.

What does that mean for me?

All that to say, you get personalized attention from staff who regularly interact with students and know specifically what you do! Each employer who recruits at Mason is assigned to an Industry Advisor based on their organization's industry. 

See our Industry Clusters
  • Accounting, Consulting, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail (Leadership Management) and Consumer Products
  • Advertising, Arts and Entertainment, Marketing, Media and PR
  • Agriculture & Forestry, Energy and Petroleum, Health and Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Manufacturing
  • Construction, Engineering, Technology, Transportation
  • Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Non-Profit, Sports and Recreation
  • Government, Law, Criminal Justice
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Employer Recruiting Guide


In addition to reviewing our Employer Recruitment Guide, we highly recommend visiting our Build Your Brand page for a step-by-step process to recruiting at Mason.

Recruiting Policies

Please review our Recruiting Policies that apply to all employers recruiting at George Mason University.