Friday, November 3, 2017*

* Registration is now open

Take a Patriot to Work allows you to welcome Mason students to your site for a one-day job shadow. Build a talent pipeline while helping students make career choices! You may choose to participate on one day or, if you have multiple shadow opportunities available, you might consider registering for both days.

Why participate?

Build your brand on campus
Not only do we market your participation to students, but students market their participation to students! Time and again we've heard stories from students about how they make decisions about who to work for – word of mouth! Students are your best brand ambassadors on a campus!
Feel good about giving back
You remember the daunting challenge of selecting a career path. Help students decide on a career direction and recommend needed skills for the field. Hands on experience and a realistic look into your day provides invaluable assistance to a student.
Show off!
Do you have a unique facility? An amazing mentorship program for new employees? Unlimited vacation days? Show off the perks of your company and its culture by giving students an inside perspective.
Build your pipeline early

While the goal of this program is to assist students in making realistic career choices, it is never too early for you to recruit! This program is targeted at underclassmen who make excellent interns! Feel free to share information on current and future openings with students.

What kind of experience should we offer a student?

We encourage employer hosts to conduct business as usual and have students shadow employees as they move throughout their normal responsibilities so students can get a true feel for a typical work day.

Some organizations choose to incorporate activities into their shadowing day or to simply host a general orientation to their company. The choice is yours, however whatever format you decide on, please be clear in your description what the experience for the day will be so that students know what to expect.

Shadowing experiences may last half of a day or a whole day depending on what is convenient for your schedule.
Sample job shadow activities
  • Have students conduct informational interviews with a variety of employees
  • Provide a tour of your facility
  • Allow students to attend meetings or company events
  • Have them observe and ask questions
  • Ask them to assist with a research project
  • Give them reports or spreadsheets to prepare
  • Let them work directly with or observe interactions with clients

How do I sign up?

Registration is now open. List your shadow opportunity early! Shadow opportunities will be visible to students from September 23 through October 10 only.

1. Register

Follow these steps to register:

  • Create or sign in to your HireMason account
  • Select the "Jobs" tab
  • Select the "Job Shadow" tab
  • Click the "Add New" button
  • Fill out the form and hit "Submit" (NOTE: Do not directly copy and paste position descriptions into the form. Instead, provide a general description of the experience.)
3. Rank your applicants

You will have a 10 day window to review the resumes you have received and to rank your applicants.

4. Matching

At the end of the ranking period when all employers have ranked their applicants, HireMason will auto select matches based on both student preference and your rankings. You will then be notified by email if you have matched with a student (not guaranteed).


Is there a cost?

No, students provide their own transportation, and they are not compensated so the only cost is your time. Some employers choose to provide lunch for the students but that is not required and completely up to your organization.

Does my industry participate?

All industries are welcome to participate! Industries of high demand by students include law, healthcare, public policy, accounting, and technology. For security reasons, we cannot accept a home-based business which is run out your personal residence.

My business is run out of my home. Can I participate?

While we appreciate your interest, if you manage your business out of your home our policy is that students may not job shadow in a private residence for security reasons. 

Which students participate?

The program is open to ALL degree-seeking Mason students. This is an opportunity for students who are still exploring majors or career paths to decide if a particular career is right for them. If you would like to specify students from a particular major(s), you have the option to do so in the registration form.

In preparation for their visit, all students complete an orientation that covers workplace etiquette and professional dress.

How do I prepare for a student's arrival?

An itinerary for the day is recommended but not required. We have found that an itinerary assists you in planning a well-rounded experience. It can be helpful to share this itinerary with your student ahead of time so they know what to expect.

Please communicate with students any specific requirements such as parking, dress code, ID, or unique company policies in advance of the day as well.

Can I host more than one student?
Absolutely! You can share the responsibility of hosting one or more students with a colleague or choose to host multiple students individually. 
Can I screen students based on their GPA?

A screening tool for GPA is not available, however you may list your GPA requirement in your job shadow description. 

Since job shadowing is an exploration tool for students, we encourage you to forgo screening based on GPA and to instead review the student's motivation or other criteria for shadowing with your organization.

Can I screen by citizenship status?

Yes, you may specify citizenship requirements in your registration form.

I have a security application students will need to complete. Can I send it to my applicants?

Yes, you may notify your applicants of any additional forms required to participate. Their contact info will be available to you after they apply to your job shadowing opportunity.

What if I need to cancel my company’s participation?

You will need to notify the students that you must cancel and/or make other arrangements if you have been matched. Please notify Debbie Zuiker, our Experiential Learning Coordinator, of any changes or decisions to withdraw.

Participation Agreement

Please review our Recruiting Policies that apply to all employers recruiting at George Mason University as well as the specific policies below:

Student Resumes
Student resumes will be transmitted on the condition that parties outside of the organization will not be permitted access to those resumes without the written consent of the student. 

If an employer is unable to follow through with their commitment to host a student for any reason, they are responsible for notifying the students and Debbie Zuiker, Experiential Learning Coordinator. If possible, please schedule another date for the students to do a job shadow with you.


Contact Debbie Zuiker, Experiential Learning Coordinator, with any questions or for more information.