Connect with Your Industry Advisor

Get personalized attention from staff who regularly interact with students and know your industry! Each employer who recruits at Mason is assigned to an Industry Advisor based on their organization's industry. Set up a recruiting consultation with your Industry Advisor to build your recruiting strategy at Mason!

Contact your Industry Advisor
Charlotte Strauss
Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Non-Profit, Sports and Recreation

Kim Bellamy
Science, Health, Research, Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Agriculture and Forestry, Energy and Petroleum, Manufacturing 

Laura Winkler
Advertising, Arts and Entertainment, Marketing, Media and PR

Matt Myers
Government, Law, Criminal Justice

Trasi Watson
Accounting, Consulting, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail (Leadership Management) and Consumer Products

Grant Haver
Construction, Engineering, Technology, Transportation

Our Industry Approach

Here at Mason, we believe that "major" does not equal "career" so we use an Industry Focused Approach when working with our students and employers.

Our team is composed of Industry Advisors who have each been assigned a cluster of industries. On a daily basis, our Industry Advisors meet with students who have selected one of their industries to purse for their career.

Industry Advisors are also responsible for employer development in their designated industries, and they partner with faculty and staff across campus.

Build Your Brand

We've found that following these steps makes for the most effective recruiting on our campus.

Step 1: Develop Your Relationship 
Create a HireMason account and post jobs and internships. 
Step 2: Enhance Your Strategy
Participate in career fairs and signature events, and consider career fair sponsorship. 
Step 3: Maintain Your Presence 
Build Your Own Event (BYOE), connect with student organizations, and register for Career Link.

Step 4: Become a Partner
We rely  on the support of employers to help us achieve our mission of making big dreams attainable!