The On-Campus Interviewing Program provides a convenient way for employers to interview students for career-related positions, including for full-time, part-time and internship positions, on Mason's Fairfax campus.

All Mason degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate students and alumni are eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program. Screening criteria, such as major, GPA, and work authorization, are set by the employer.

University Career Services will also work with you to promote your positions to our students and faculty. Find out how to connect with your assigned Industry Advisor to develop a recruiting strategy at Mason. Review our online orientation for step by step directions on how to use our On-Campus Interviewing module in HireMason.

Steps to Participating in On-Campus Interviewing

Step 1: Pick a Date

Log in to HireMason. Select "Create New Schedule Request" and one of three schedule options:

Preselect: Select this option to reserve interviewing space, post a position with set screening criteria, review submitted resumes, and invite candidates to select an interviewing time on your schedule.

Preselect to Alternate: Select this option to reserve interviewing space, post a position with set screening criteria, review submitted resumes, and invite TWO tiers of candidates to select an interviewing time on your schedule. Once preselect students select a time to interview, your schedule will open to candidates you selected as alternates.

Room Reservation Only: Select this option to reserve interviewing space only. We will reserve a room for your use while you create your own interviewing schedule. All interviews must be scheduled to begin no earlier than 8:45 a.m. and to end by 4:30 p.m. Employers often select this option if they would like to ensure a room reservation but fill their schedule with candidates met at a particular event they are attending on campus such as the Career Fair.

Open: Select this option to post a position and allow qualified students to sign-up for interview times on a first-come, first-served basis. Unlike the Preselect and Preselect to Alternate schedules which allow you to pre-screen candidates, the open schedule allows students to immediately sign-up for an interviewing slot upon dropping their resume.

Step 2: Post a Position

Fill out the remainder of the request by attaching your available position(s). You will receive a confirmation email when your request is received and again when it is approved.

Step 3: Receive Applicants

If you have selected a Preselect or Preselect to Alternate schedule, applicants will begin dropping their resume in your HireMason account for your position(s). If you have a Room Only schedule, you will not receive any applications via the system.

Step 4: Invite Students to Interview

Once the Resume Submission Deadline has passed, you will have a three-day Employer Selection Period to review resumes and invite students to select a time to interview with you by changing their application status to Invited, Alternate, or Not Invited.

On-Campus Interviewing FAQs

Please refer to our OCI Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Recruiting Policies

Please review our Recruiting Policies that apply to all employers recruiting at George Mason University as well as the On-Campus Interviewing specific policies below.

On-Campus Interviewing Participation Agreement
  •  Organizations must post bona fide jobs or internships
  • Student resumes will be transmitted on the condition that parties outside of the organization will not be permitted access to those resumes without the written consent of the student.
Note: Third party agents or agencies are not eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program.
Schedule Cancellation Policy
Just as we require students to provide cancellation notice when they meet with you, we also require recruiters to provide a minimum of 48 hours notice if they are unable to conduct their On-Campus Interviews.

Once the Schedule Close Date has passed (and interviews are set), if an employer is unable to follow through with their scheduled date due to poor planning and are unable to schedule a new date with University Career Services, they are responsible to contact the interviewees directly to explain the situation and to find a time to reschedule the interviews they extended to the candidates.


Contact Grant Haver, Employer Relations Coordinator, 703-993-6191.

On-Campus Interviewing Orientation

Select the image below to complete the On-Campus Interviewing Employer Orientation:

OCI Employer Orientation

New for 2016!

Flipped Campus Recruiting Option

Beginning this semester, employers now have the option to utilize HireMason's On-Campus Interviewing feature to organize schedules for virtual and/or on-site interviews.

This twist to On-Campus Interviewing allows employers the ease of having University Career Services manage their interviewing schedule and the convenience of interviewing from their own office. Employers can only request this option if they have participated in at least 2 traditional On-Campus Interviewing seasons. Registration is now open!

Dates & Deadlines

Below are the fall 2016 selection dates for both Preselect and Preselect to Alternate schedules. If your schedule is Preselect ONLY, please disregard the Alternate Sign Up dates. All other dates are applicable.

Week 1: Sept. 12 - 16

Resume Submission Deadline: Aug 31

Employer Selection Period: Sept 1 - 4

Preselect Sign Up: Sept 5

Alternate Sign Up: Sept 8

Schedule Close: Sept 8
Week 2: Sept 19 - 23

Resume Submission Deadline: Sept 7

Employer Selection Period: Sept 8 - 11

Preselect Sign Up: Sept 12

Alternate Sign Up: Sept 15

Schedule Close: Sept 15
Week 3: Sept 26 - 30

Resume Submission Deadline: Sept 14

Employer Selection Period: Sept 15 - 18

Preselect Sign Up: Sept 19

Alternate Sign Up: Sept 22

Schedule Close: Sept 22
Week 4: Oct 12 - 14

Resume Submission Deadline: Sept 28

Employer Selection Period: Sept 29 - Oct 2

Preselect Sign Up: Oct 3

Alternate Sign Up: Oct 6

Schedule Close: Oct 6
Week 5: Oct 17 - 21

Resume Submission Deadline: Oct 5

Employer Selection Period: Oct 6 - 9

Preselect Sign Up: Oct 10

Alternate Sign Up: Oct 13

Schedule Close: Oct 13
Week 6: Oct 24 - 28

Resume Submission Deadline: Oct 12

Employer Selection Period: Oct 13 - 16

Preselect Sign Up: Oct 17

Alternate Sign Up: Oct 20

Schedule Close: Oct 20
Week 7: Oct 31 - Nov 2

Resume Submission Deadline: Oct 19

Employer Selection Period: Oct 20 - 23

Preselect Sign Up: Oct 24

Alternate Sign Up: Oct 27

Schedule Close: Oct 27
Week 8: Nov 7 - 11

Resume Submission Deadline: Oct 26

Employer Selection Period: Oct 27 - Oct 30

Preselect Sign Up: Oct 31

Alternate Sign Up: Nov 3

Schedule Close: Nov 3
Week 9: Nov 14 - 18

Resume Submission Deadline: Nov 2

Employer Selection Period: Nov 3 - 6

Preselect Sign Up: Nov 7

Alternate Sign Up: Nov 10

Schedule Close: Nov 10