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Thank you for your interest in enhancing the career-readiness of Mason students by inviting University Career Services to speak to your class or group.

Please note the following before completing the Presentation Request Form:

  • The intended audience must be currently enrolled Mason students, faculty/staff, or alumni. To help us tailor our presentation, please specify your audience as much as possible (e.g. UNIV 220 students, graduating seniors, student organization members with an interest in engineering, etc.).

  • Minimum attendance of 10 is required. If you are requesting a presentation for a student organization or residence hall, we ask that you make pre-registration available. You must provide the list of registered attendees to us the business day before the event.

  • Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of your preferred date. Due to limited staff resources, we may not be able to accommodate requests that do not have a two week lead time.

Workshop Topics

View the list of workshop topics we offer:

Career Assessment (1 to 1.5 hours)
Have each member of your group take a career-related assessment on their own time then come together for group feedback. University Career Services has trained facilitators in the:

  • Strong Interest Inventory (major and career decision-making)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality assessment)
  • SkillScan (how skills fit with careers)
  • StrengthsFinder

All assessments have a $15 charge per student except for the StrengthsFinder which is free to all Mason students taking it for the first time.

Career and Major Exploration (1 hour)
Learn about resources and strategies for finding majors and careers that align with your values, skills, and interests.

Overview of University Career Services (15 minutes to 1 hour)
Introduce your group to the programs and services offered by our office. This presentation may be condensed or expanded based on the needs of your group and is a great option for UNIV 100 courses.

Typical topics covered include:

  • Overview of University Career Services
  • Career counseling and industry advising appointments
  • Career development resources

Resume Writing (1 hour)
This interactive workshop teaches participants how to create a resume. The presentation can be tailored to a specific industry, student organization, or on-campus position, and a peer review can be incorporated if participants bring a copy of their resume.

Cover Letter Writing (1 hour)
An interactive workshop that teaches participants how to create a cover letter.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing (1 to 1.5 hours)
This presentation is a combination of the resume and cover letter topics listed above.

Interviewing 101 (1 hour)
Learn what to do before, during, and after an interview, and develop accomplishment-focused interview responses using the STAR interviewing formula. This presentation may be tailored for a specific industry, student organization, or on-campus position.

Job Search Strategies (1 hour)
Learn about our four step job search process: Documents, Research, Networking, and Search.

Internship Search Strategies (1 hour)
This presentation provides an overview of experiential learning with a focus on internships.

Introduction to LinkedIn (1 hour)
Get an overview of LinkedIn and how to use it as part of your networking and research process. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops.

Networking Strategies (1 hour)
This interactive workshop defines the purpose of networking and teaches participants how to develop a personal pitch (introduction), identify networking contacts, and discover opportunities to network on and off campus. This workshop may be customized for a specific industry or student organization.

Professionalism in the Workplace
Select one of these topics to enhance your professional image. Workshop topics may be combined.

  • Email Etiquette (30 minutes)
    Learn tips and techniques for writing professional emails.

  • Working Effectively with Your Supervisor (45 minutes)
    Learn how to identify your supervisor's work style in order to work more effectively together.

  • Appropriate Dress for the Workplace (30 minutes)
    Learn the differences between casual, business casual, and business professional dress.

  • How to Give and Receive Feedback (45 minutes)
    Learn a formula for giving and receiving constructive feedback in the workplace during this interactive workshop.

  • How to Set SMART Goals (45 minutes)
    Learn how to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely in the workplace.

  • Talk like "Ted" (30 minutes to 1 hour)
    Learn how to give an effective and engaging presentation and how to design appropriate PowerPoint slides.

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Indicate preferred end time. We ask that all programs end by 8 p.m. but exceptions for classes may be made depending on staff availability.

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