On Campus Interviewing


The On-Campus Interviewing Program provides a simple way for students to interview for career-related positions with employers from the DC Metro area, including those cross country, for full-time, part-time and internship positions on campus right in SUB I.

Employers visiting campus have targeted Mason as a top institution for their hiring needs and travel to campus to make interviewing convenient and accessible to our students.

All Mason degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate students and alumni are eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program. Screening criteria, including major, GPA and work authorization, for individual positions are set by the employer.


Applying to On-Campus Interviewing Positions is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Get Started
  1. Log in to HireMason
  2. Upload your resume to your account
  3. Complete the online orientation. Select the image below to begin:

                OCI Student Online Orientation
  4. Fill out and submit the form at the end of the orientation. Questions? Contact us.
2. Apply for a Position
  • Log in to HireMason.
  • Click on "Campus Interviews I Qualify For."
  • Follow the application steps.
3. Schedule an Interview
  • During the Preselect Sign Up Period, log in to HireMason and click on the "Interview" tab to see if you have been invited for an interview.
  • If so, follow the steps to schedule an interviewing time.
Company Logos

Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2016 On-Campus Interviewing

Monday, February 8th -

Friday, April 29th


Week 1: Feb. 8 - 12

Resume Submission Deadline: Jan. 27

Employer Selection Period: Jan. 28 - 31

Preselect Sign Up: Feb. 1

Alternate Sign Up: Feb. 4

Schedule Close: Feb. 4

Week 2: Feb. 22 - 26

Resume Submission Deadline: Feb. 10

Employer Selection Period: Feb. 11 - 14

Preselect Sign Up: Feb. 15

Alternate Sign Up: Feb. 18

Schedule Close: Feb. 18


Week 3: Feb. 29 - Mar. 4

Resume Submission Deadline: Feb. 17

Employer Selection Period: Feb. 18 - 21

Preselect Sign Up: Feb. 22

Alternate Sign Up: Feb. 25

Schedule Close: Feb. 25


Week 4: Mar. 14 - 18

Resume Submission Deadline: Mar. 2

Employer Selection Period: Mar. 3 - 6

Preselect Sign Up: Mar. 7

Alternate Sign Up: Mar. 10

Schedule Close: Mar. 10 

Week 5: Mar. 21 - 22

Resume Submission Deadline: Mar. 9

Employer Selection Period: Mar. 10 - 13

Preselect Sign Up: Mar. 14

Alternate Sign Up: Mar. 17

Schedule Close: Mar. 17

Week 6: Mar. 29 - Apr. 1

Resume Submission Deadline: Mar. 16

Employer Selection Period: Mar. 17 - 20

Preselect Sign Up: Mar. 21

Alternate Sign Up: Mar. 24

Schedule Close: Mar. 24
Week 7: Apr. 4 - 8

Resume Submission Deadline: Mar. 23

Employer Selection Period: Mar. 24 - 27

Preselect Sign Up: Mar. 28 

Alternate Sign Up: Mar. 31

Schedule Close: Mar. 31

Week 8: Apr. 11 - 15

Resume Submission Deadline: Mar. 30

Employer Selection Period: Mar. 31 - Apr. 3

Preselect Sign Up: Apr. 4

Alternate Sign Up: Apr. 7

Schedule Close: Apr. 7
Week 9: Apr. 18 - 22


Resume Submission Deadline: Apr. 6

Employer Selection Period: Apr. 7 - 10

Preselect Sign Up: Apr. 11

Alternate Sign Up: Apr. 14

Schedule Close: Apr. 14

Week 10: Apr. 25 - 29


Resume Submission Deadline: Apr. 13

Employer Selection Period:Apr. 14 - 17

Preselect Sign Up: Apr. 18

Alternate Sign Up: Apr. 21

Schedule Close: Apr. 21


No Show & Late Cancellation Policy

Failing to attend OR failing to cancel a scheduled on-campus interview 48 business hours in advance of your interviewing time will result in your being blocked from HireMason and the On-Campus Interviewing Program.

No Show & Late Cancelation Policy Details

First Offense: Temporarily Blocked
If you fail to keep a scheduled interview with an employer or fail to cancel 48 business hours in advance, you will be blocked from the On-Campus Interviewing Program AND from all HireMason usage until you follow these steps:

  1. Set up a meeting with your Industry Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your absence
  2. Write an apology letter to the employer within 24 hours of speaking with your Industry Advisor
  3. Email your apology letter to Quayla C. Allen, Employer Relations Coordinator. Once approved, the apology letter will be forwarded to the employer.

Your HireMason account will then be reactivated, and you may continue to use the system and participate in the OCI Program.

Second Offense: Permanently Blocked
If you fail to keep a scheduled interview with an employer a second time, you will be blocked from HireMason and dismissed from the On-Campus Interview Program permanently.

This includes removal of your resume from consideration for any pending OCI employers and removal of your name from any already scheduled interviews.

You may petition to regain access to HireMason by speaking to your Industry Advisor, however you will not be permitted to participate in the OCI Program.

Why so strict?
Strong relationships between Mason and local employers are built upon successful recruiting efforts. When a student cancels an on-campus interview in an untimely manner or fails to show up entirely, this damages our relationship with employers. Damaged relationships can lead to a loss of resources and access to future opportunities for Mason students.

Offer Renege Policy

Offer Renege Policy Details

If you renege on a job offer, you will be blocked from the On-Campus Interviewing Program AND from all HireMason usage. You may petition to regain access to HireMason; however you will remain permanently blocked from the On-Campus Interviewing Program. In order to petition, you must meet with your Industry Advisor within 30 days. If we do not hear from you within 30 days, your HireMason account will be permanently blocked. Should a second reneging offense occur, you will be permanently blocked from HireMason without opportunity for reinstatement.

Reneging on an offer with an employer will result in your being blocked from HireMason and the On-Campus Interviewing Program. To renege is to go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract. In this context you have verbally or contractually agreed to commit to a job offer and then withdrew on that promise.