Get Prepared

Get noticed (in a good way) by employers - take some time to prepare before going to the career fair.  Even preparing for just a few hours can give you a huge advantage when talking to employers.

To get ready, just look your absolute best, do some research on the employers which interest you, practice your personal pitch, and bring copies of your resume.

We Can Help

Our website has great information to help you. We also have several career events in the weeks before the career fair, and you're always welcome to schedule an appointment. If you've never owned a suit or have never heard of a personal pitch, don't worry - we can help.


Volunteer at the Career Fair

Help make Mason's biggest career fair happen, and get the chance to meet employers before and after everyone else. If you are in a Greek organization which has a service requirement, volunteering at the career fair may meet your requirements! Sign up to volunteer now.

Learn how you can help and what we expect of our volunteers by watching our Volunteer Training presentation. 


What Not To Wear At The Fair

Get Ready in Four Steps

Getting ready is easy - it just takes a little time. We recommend that you start preparing a few weeks early to give yourself plenty of time. If you can't, last-minute preparation is much better than nothing!

Here are the four things you need to know:

Research Employers

Select 8 to 10 employers to research based on their services, bio and mission focusing specifically on what positions they have available. For example, an IT company may have an opening in their Marketing department. You may find your major is useful in an unlikely place!

What to know:

  • The organization's mission
  • Their products or services
  • Their available positions


Craft Your Personal Pitch

 What is a personal pitch? It's how you start a conversation with an employer.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain your interest in the organization and position
  • Describe your strengths and qualifications giving examples
  • Ask a relevant question

View an example of a personal pitch below.

Prepare Your Resume

Bring 10 to 15 copies of your resume to the fair.  

  • Use Resume Builder in HireMason to get started
  • Have your resume critiqued at the Resume Clinic
  • Make an appointment to have your resume critiques

Dress Professionally


  • Wear a suit! Choose conservative colors: blue, brown, black or gray.
  • Wear closed toed shoes.
  • Keep the jewelry minimal.
  • Ladies, your skirts should at least reach your knee.
  • Travel light. Don't carry a lot of items with you, only your portfolio, business cards and a purse if necessary.

Career Fair Express Checklist

Check out our Express Checklist before you go to the fair!

Personal Pitch

Tips From Mason Students

How did you Research Employers?