Marketing involves taking a product with specific features and benefits, creating pricing and promotional strategies, and managing the methods that will be used to bring it to market.Marketers create, manage, and enhance products and services so that they reflect well on the company's brand.

Advertising is positioning and creating brands and persuading consumers to buy them through messages in mass media.Advertising agencies act like a marketing consultant, helping the client with all aspects of marketing their product or service, from strategy and concept through execution.

Public Relations seeks to shape how the consumer, the competition and the average person view a client. Public Relations often uses the media to reach the target market.


Skills needed in this industry

  • Oral and written communication
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Listening
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Technical
  • Social media
  • Monitoring
  • Active Learning
  • Coordination
  • Interpersonal
  • Time Management
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Coordination 

Degrees and Certifications

How to Get Started

Steps to get started in this industry
  1. Join a student relevant student organization such as AMA student chapter, PRSSA
  2. Get involved in the organization as an officer and handle tasks relevant to job functions in which you are interested (e.g. marketing events)
  3. Complete at least one internship, co-op or job relevant to your industry of interest before graduation
  4. Join a professional association related to your industry of interest, such as AAAA, AMA or PRSA. See the Associations Unlimited database for a full list.


Resources for this industry

Industry Research

Experiential Learning

Job Search

Professional Associations

Job Functions

Marketing Executive / Junior Marketing Assistant / Marketing Assistant

Helps with the day to day tasks of the department. Promotion to this role is generally from within an organization or, in some environments, graduates occupy such roles.

Marketing Coordinator / Marketing

Conducts or arranges market research, works directly with creative agencies, organizes events or promotional campaigns for product launches.

Product Manager / Senior Product Manager / Group Product or Category Manager

Product managers develop and manage specific products offered by an organization, including considering demographic information, similar products offered by the competition, and more.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers oversee the day-to-day and strategic functions of a company's marketing operations, including activities, budget, development of promotional materials, and more.

Account Manager

Responsible for working in an agency environment and looking after client accounts, organizing, managing and liaising with the client, right through to providing strategic support, dependent on the level of experience of the incumbent.

Market Research

A number of roles exist for Market Researchers, such as a qualitative market researcher or in quantitative research.

Advertising Media Planner

This role is responsible for making many choices affecting the delivery of the campaign message to the consumer. They also decide the distribution of television, newspaper, radio, and magazine advertisements for each campaign.

Copywriter, Illustrator, and Creative Professional

This role creates the actual writing and illustrating of advertisements. They are responsible for drawing storyboards, writing copy, designing headlines and body copy, and sometimes help put together the actual advertisements.

Production Manager

Working in cooperation with exterior advertising producers, production managers guarantee that each advertisement is finished successfully. They are employed in-house or often work for production houses that contract services.

PR Coordinator/Account Coordinator

The work involves projects such as tracking news mentions of an organization, assisting in research, maintaining a list of media contacts, and coordinating mailings of press packets to the media.

Account Supervisor

The account supervisor oversees PR accounts, often managing the account executives and account coordinators. They often do hands-on executorial work similar to that handled by the account executive, but they'll oversee other staff members assigned to the account as well.