Overview of Consulting  

Consulting is giving expert advice. It spans all industries and types of organizations that have problems to be solved.

Consulting feature video
How to Land a Management Consulting Job

Kevin Connors, new consultant, shares tips for breaking into management consulting and for leveraging existing and forging new industry connections.

Careers in Consulting

Check out these videos to learn about the typical workday and workplace for consultants and to get tips for success in this industry. 

Get Career Ready for Consulting

Find out what it takes to land a career in consulting

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Earn a Degree

Earn Degree

To work in the field of consulting, it is recommended you have a strong background in problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, presentation, and data analysis skills. Check the Mason Catalog for degree requirements.




Degrees and Professional Certifications

Along with your degree, professional certifications like these may increase your employment options:

Specialized knowledge and training in the following areas are in high demand:

  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Electronic healthcare records
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accounting
  • Environmental science
  • Agile methodology

Enroll in UNIV 421 (College to Grad School) to identify the advanced degree that will help you achieve your career goals and create the materials to apply.

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Gain Experiences

Gain Experiences

Employers expect at least six to twelve months of related experience to be competitive for full-time positions. Gain experience while you are a student at Mason.


Here are the types of experiences most valued by consulting employers, and where to find them:


Leadership Experiences

  • LEAD Office: Participate in trainings or serve as a Leadership Consultant
  • Mason Registered Student Organization: Become a leader among your peers
  • Take initiative: Identify a need or problem at your work or in your community. Conduct research and deliver data-based suggestions for improvements to leaders. If possible, assist with the execution of your plan.

Case Competitions

Demonstrate your knowledge by coming up with solutions to real-world problems. Ask recruiters if their organization hosts case competitions.

Enroll in UNIV 320 (Internship Readiness) to develop your internship goals and search strategies to pursue career-related experiences.

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Market Yourself

Market Yourself

It is important for you to be able to clearly communicate the knowledge, skills and experiences you have gained in and outside of the classroom.


Below are top ways to showcase your qualifications to consulting employers:


Case Interviews 

Enroll in UNIV 420 (College to Career) to develop your job search strategy, personal brand, networking skills, and more. Or, prepare for what's not in the job description - working effectively in teams, making the most of your benefits, and more by enrolling in UNIV 422 (Professional Skills Development).

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Career Ready




Career ready Mason grads have gone on to work for consulting employers, such as:

Booz Allen Hamilton










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Join the consulting community

Get involved with academic and professional consulting societies to grow your network while you're a student. Your industry advisor can help you decide where to start.