International Students

University Career Services provides customized career advice based on the unique needs and circumstances of international students.

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Things to do while at Mason
Students visit a booth at Mason's Bienvenida Latina event
Becoming career ready takes time

Use your time in college to take full advantage of Mason's resources to prepare for your career

  • If necessary, enhance your communication skills in English by making friends with native speakers, joining Mason’s Toastmasters Club, and visiting the Writing Center.
  • Use Interstride to network, find jobs and access additional immigration information.
    • Log in with your Mason email address.
    • Enter your NetID and password.
  • Learn how to write a U.S.-style resume and cover letter for internships and jobs.
  • Practice how to market yourself effectively during an interview in the U.S. including what makes you unique as an international student such as:
    • Language skills.
    • Self-motivation and independence.
    • Flexibility and adaptability from adjusting to new cultures.
  • Gain exposure to a U.S. professional environment through jobs, internships, and volunteering.
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Learn about employment options and requirements
F1 Students
J1 Students

NOTE: Employers may not be familiar with the approval process for J1 student off-campus employment (Academic Training). Keep in mind that you may need to explain that you have a J1 visa and that the approval process is different. Reach out to OIPS if you have questions or need assistance.

1. On-campus Jobs

2. Internships

  • Log into Handshake with your Mason NetID
  • Select the "Jobs" tab
  • Click All Filters
  • Under "Job Type" select Internship
  • Under "Work Authorization" select the following:
    • Will sponsor or doesn’t require U.S. work visa
    • Accepts OPT/CPT
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Preparing for employment after Mason
Two students working in cubicles at their internships
Increase your chances of success

Search for jobs in the U.S., your home country, and abroad

Conduct a multi-country job search  to increase your options, pursue employment opportunities across the U.S. (not just in the Washington, DC area) and in at least one other country at the same time.

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Working in the United States
How to find employers in Handshake open to hiring students on OPT:
  1. Log into Handshake with your Mason NetID.
  2. Select the "Jobs" tab.
  3. Click all Filters.
  4. Under Work Authorization select the following:
    • Will sponsor or doesn’t require U.S. work Visa
    • Accepts OPT/CPT
Use Interstride to learn about international-friendly jobs and internships in the U.S:
  • Log into Interstride with your Mason email address and NetID.
  • Select the "Jobs" tab.
  • Use the filters to organize jobs and internships by country, work authorization, and visa type.
  • Access list of U.S. employers with a history of H1-B sponsorship.
To find diverse and inclusive employers, seek advice from organizations such as:
Learn about the international hiring process so you can inform potential employers:
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Finding opportunities in other countries
Use Interstride to find job-search guides for your home country and other countries all over the world:
  • Log into Interstride with your Mason email address and NetID.
  • Select the "Jobs" tab.
  • Select the "Country Insights" tab.
  • Search for and select a specific country in the list to access resources.
More ways to search: