Faculty & Staff

We are excited to collaborate with you in helping students with their career decisions and their job and internship searches. You can make a huge difference in how prepared your students are for their future careers!

Five ways to connect classroom to career:

Recommend an Appointment

Review our appointment options and recommend that your students connect with us.

Assign Career Homework

Talk with your students about how important it is to start thinking about their goals and options after graduation. Consider assigning this exercise as homework:

  • Visit the Exploring Your Options page to assist you with exploring majors, careers, and industries.
  • Search for 10 jobs you want and note the requirements and specific skills needed for those jobs.
  • Investigate how you can gain those skills at Mason and practice them in your courses.

Suggest Campus Involvement

Suggest that your students get involved on campus in a group or club, emphasizing that it is a great way to start building a resume.

Urge Internships

Urge your students to obtain at least one internship before graduation and share with them the impact an internship can have on their career.

Encourage Attendance at Career Events

Refer your students to career workshops and events where they can interact with our career staff and employers.

Share Career Fair information with your class

Job Fair

You are invited to attend the Career Fair each semester!

Share this 2-slide PowerPoint with your classes to promote the fair and help students prepare to meet employers.