Award Nominees 2016

About the Award

The Career Connection Faculty Award is an annual award celebrating Mason faculty and staff who make a positive impact on students' career goals, employment plans, or graduate school preparation. Recipients are those who go above and beyond the expectations of their role and devote extra time and energy to helping students prepare for life after Mason. Nominations are made by students in the early part of each spring semester.

Nomination Criteria
Passionate about Student Professional Growth
Nominees are passionate about supporting students in their professional growth and invest time into student professional growth.

Facilitate Career Connections
Nominees help students connect the classroom to their careers through curriculum and advisory roles. They prepare students for life after Mason by:

  • Incorporating career content into courses and programs
  • Assigning career-related activities such as resume and cover letter writing
  • Inviting University Career Services to speak about career-related topics during class
  • Encouraging participation in career-related events such as career fairs, networking events, and experiential learning activities (e.g., internships, research, study abroad)
  • Serving as a reference or writing letters of recommendation for students

Develop Career-Related Skills
Nominees provide opportunities for students to develop the skills they need to pursue their career goals by:

  • Increasing awareness of transferable skills gained from their courses
  • Relating curriculum to real world issues
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve skills

Encourage Student Potential

Nominees see potential in their students and provide support for reaching that potential by:

  • Asking questions about future plans
  • Giving advice based on experience
  • Interacting with students formally and informally

2017 Award Winner: Dr. Dann Sklarew

Dr. Dann Sklarew is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy in the College of Science and the Associate Director of the Potomac Environmental Research Education Center (PEREC). His research combines ecological systems analysis, technical assistance for environmental policy and management, and examination of collaborative ecological problem-solving processes and innovations. His studies have applied new data visualization techniques to tease apart complex effects of climate variability and nutrient management on water quality in the tidal freshwater Potomac River. He also developed an adaptive pattern recognition algorithm to successfully recognize early signs of seasonal drought from satellite data of arid West Africa. As a Smithsonian Fellow, he developed a nitrogen budget for the semi-rural Rhode River basin (MD), validating demographic and agricultural census data. For EPA's Office of Water, he identified and characterized watershed management tools; conducted cost-benefit analysis for municipal investments in storm water pollution control; and created a Web-based decision support system to help companies comply with industry-specific federal water pollution permitting rules. Dr. Sklarew has investigated various ways to help diverse partnerships address common ecological problems, including producing and writing a video documentary, Turning the Tide: Sustaining Earth's Large Marine Ecosystems; directing the UN-sponsored IW:LEARN project, in which best practices and lessons learned were shared among Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects; and participating in a collaboration of international experts examining Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley.

2017 Award Recipient

Dann Sklarew
Dann Sklarew
Environmental Science and Policy

2017 Award Nominees

College of Education and Human Development
  • Anastasia Kitsantas   
  • Andrew Gilbert   
  • Debra Fulcher   
  • Heidi Graff   
  • Kelley Regan   
  • Kelly Morgan   
  • Margaret Jones   
  • Michael Richardson   
  • Seungwon Lee   
  • Sharon Ray
College of Health and Human Services
  • Ali Weinstein   
  • C. Phillip Bush   
  • Carol Corso   
  • Farrokh Alemi    
  • Joanne Hawk   
  • Julianna Miner   
  • Katherine Prudden   
  • Kathleen Gaffney   
  • Martin S Perlin   
  • Patrice Winter   
  • Shannyn Snyder    
  • Tammy George   
  • Valerie Bartush
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Abdulaziz Sachedina  
  • Al Fuertes  
  • Anthony Hoefer  
  • Barbara Grogan-Barone  
  • Carrie Bonilla  
  • Christopher Hamner  
  • Daniel Walsch  
  • Danielle Badra  
  • Dr T. Andrew Finn  
  • E. Art Taylor  
  • Ellen Serafini  
  • Eric J Hammer  
  • Esther Yook  
  • Frank Carbo  
  • Graziella Mccarron  
  • Gyu Tag Lee
  • Heather Streckfus-Green
  • Ilona Flores
  • Jang C. Jin
  • Jennifer Leeman  
  • Jeremy Hodgson  
  • John G. Dale  
  • Joy Fraser  
  • Joyce Johnston  
  • Justin Ramsdell  
  • Kate Lewis  
  • Kathalene Razzano  
  • Katherine Rowan  
  • Kevin Matthews  
  • Kevin McCabe  
  • Lisa Passaglia Bauman  
  • Mark Thurston  
  • Melanie Tague  
  • Michael E. Hurley  
  • Michele Greet  
  • Michelle Nuneville  
  • Nancy Hanrahan  
  • Peter Magellan  
  • PJ Magellan  
  • Rachel Jones  
  • Ricardo Vivancos Pérez  
  • Roger Lathbury  
  • Sergei Samoilenko  
  • Soojong Kwak
  • Spencer Crew  
  • Steve Holmes  
  • Steven Holmes  
  • Susan Schulze  
  • Susan Trencher  
  • Susanne Furman  
  • Tamara Harvey  
  • Tony Covello
  • Wan-Lin Chang  
  • Wendi Manuel-Scott  
  • Xi Chen  
  • Xiaomei Cai  
  • Zachary Schrag
College of Science
  • J. Reid Schwebach   
  • Cynthia B. Smith    
  • Dann Sklarew   
  • Deborah Polayes   
  • Ernest Barreto   
  • Fatah Kashanchi   
  • Gerald L. Roberts Weatherspoon   
  • Gwendolyne Fondufe   
  • Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers   
  • Jim McNeil   
  • Joseph C. Weingartner   
  • Joseph Marr   
  • Juthapathra Dechanupong   
  • Kelly Knight   
  • Maria Lopez   
  • Pritha Roy 
  • Randolph McBride   
  • Rebecca Forkner   
  • Valeriu Soltan
College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • David Gaines   
  • Donald Starr   
  • Doris (Reece) Quinones   
  • Eileen Kennedy   
  • James Quigley   
  • Michael Wu   
  • Seth Hudson   
  • Thomas Britt
Schar School of Policy and Government
  • Harry Dinella   
  • Heba El-Shazli   
  • Jeremy Mayer   
  • Kenneth G. Prillaman   
  • Peter Balint   
  • Robert Deitz   
  • Todd La Porte
School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Richard Rubenstein
  • William David 
School of Business
  • Amitava Dutta
  • Cheryl Druehl
  • Cindy Parker
  • David Miller
  • Derek Horstmeyer
  • Ian Messing
  • Heung Gweon Sin
  • Jackie Brown
  • Jeffrey Kulick
  • Jenny Lee
  • Jessica Hoppner
  • John Pendola
  • Kent Zimmerman
  • Leo Jung
  • Long Chen
  • Richard G. Larsen
  • Robert S Broshears
  • Shelly Canterbury
  • Steve Pilloff
  • Toni Garcia 
Volgenau School of Engineering
  • Aditya Johri
  • Anthony Battistini
  • Colin Reagle
  • Dan Fleck
  • David Lattanzi
  • Dmitri Kaznachey
  • Duminda Wijesekera
  • Harold Greenwald
  • Hemant Purohit
  • Jens-Peter Kaps
  • Kathleen Wage
  • Raymond Curts
  • Susan Calderon
  • Tahir Khan
  • Thomas Winston
  • William Ellis
  • Zhi Tian
  • Zeehasham Rasheed 
University Life
  • Jennifer Crewalk   
  • David Carroll   
  • Kathryn Mangus

Past Award Recipients

2016: Carla Fisher, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Carla L. Fisher joined George Mason University in 2011 as an assistant professor in the department of communication. Prior to joining Mason she was an assistant professor with Arizona State University where she also served as coordinator of research in the Family Communication Consortium. 

Dr. Fisher received her Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University with a focus on family, health, and aging communication. She was a National Institute on Aging (NIA) Pre-doctoral Fellow completing interdisciplinary training in human development/aging that included a minor and graduate certificate in gerontology as well as international studies at the Institute of Gerontology, University of Jönköping, Sweden. Recently she was selected for post-doctoral training in health behavior theory in the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) fifth Advanced Training Institute.

2015: Cindy Parker, School of Business

Dr. Cindy Parker received her bachelor's, master's, and PhD in organizational psychology from George Mason University and has been as assistant professor of management at George Mason for 10 years.

Before coming to Mason, Dr. Parker worked for over nine years in private industry as a management consultant, focusing on a variety of human resource initiatives. Her previous work experiences include: Consortium Research Fellow at the Army Research Institute, statistician at the American Medical Student Association, associate research scientist at the American Institutes for Research, and assistant vice presidents at Aon Consulting.

Her consulting assignments focused on enhancing human potential and effectiveness at work and included such projects as development, validation, and implementation of employee selection and assessment procedures, leadership assessment and development, job analysis and competency modeling, development and validation of performance management systems, and product development.

At Mason, Dr. Parker teaches two human resource management courses in the School of Business and serves as the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Dr. Parker is a five-time recipient of the School of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award.

2014: Brian Alexander, Schar School of Policy and Government
Brian Alexander is an adjunct instructor in George Mason University's Department of Public and International Affairs, where he has been a student since fall 2007. His approach to scholarship is similar to his approach to teaching: to engage in creative critical thinking on issues of power and justice while actively participating in the professional worlds of public policy and politics.

In addition to his work as a student and instructor at George Mason, Brian works as a government relations professional. He has worked for firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and IBM, and he currently advises small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations on change management and government affairs. He lives in Alexandria and enjoys most of all spending time with his wife Caroline and their two daughters, Kitty (five) and Phoebe (three).