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Ways to Assist Students

Ways to connect classroom to career

Register for a HireMason Faculty Account

Register for a HireMason faculty account to view job postings, set-up search agents by academic program or industry, and forward relevant opportunities to your students.

Questions? View the HireMason Faculty Guide.

BONUS: Add the HireMason link on your syllabi and website, and encourage your students to log in.

Recommend an Appointment

Review our appointment options and recommend that your students connect with us.

Assign Career Homework

Talk with your students about how important it is to start thinking about their goals and options after graduation. Consider assigning students this exercise as homework:

Search for 10 jobs you want and note the requirements and specific skills needed for those jobs. Investigate how you can gain those skills at Mason and practice them in your courses.

Suggest Campus Involvement

Suggest that your students get involved on campus in a group or club, emphasizing that it is a great way to start building a resume.

Urge Internships

Urge your students to obtain at least one internship before graduation and share with them the impact an internship can have on their career.

Encourage Career Events

Refer your students to career workshops and events where they can interact with our career staff and employers.

Refer Employers

Do you receive job and internship opportunities for students? Or requests for presentations from employers? We can help! Connect with our staff to help spread the word and organize events. Take it a step further by becoming a part of our Career Influencers Network.

Recommend On-Campus Interviewing to Your Students

Employers are coming to campus, and they want to interview Mason students for jobs and internships! Through our On-Campus Interviewing Program, employers post positions in HireMason and then conduct interviews for those positions right in University Career Services. 

As a Mason faculty or staff member, you can share On-Campus Interviewing positions with your students through HireMason. See a position which might be a good fit for one of your students? Share it with them!

Questions about the On-Campus Interviewing Program? Contact Grant Haver, Employer Relations Coordinator.

Using HireMason to recommend On-Campus Interviewing

Important pre-step! Log in to HireMason, go to your Personal Profile, and under Major(s) or College, select the major(s) or college of the students with whom you work then Save. You will not be able to select specific majors or colleges later in the process if you do not complete this step first. 

  1. Log in to HireMason
  2. Select the Jobs tab
  3. Click on Advanced Search 
  4. Under the Show Me drop down, select All Interviews then Search
  5. Select the position(s) you want to recommend by checking the box next to the position
  6. Click the Recommend to Students button 
  7. Review the positions then click the Continue button 
  8. Choose student criteria (class level and/or major) then Continue
    Note: You may add or remove students from the list populated. 
  9. Select Send Now when you're ready to send the positions to your students.


NACE Faculty Guide

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), we have found their practices to be extremely helpful in working with students, employers, and other universities. 

You may find the NACE Faculty Guide on the legal and ethical standards in student hiring helpful as well.

Writing a Reference Letter

What kind of information can I put in a reference letter, a letter of recommendation, or an evaluation? 

Find out How to Write a Reference Letter considering discrimination laws and FERPA.