Career Courses

Career Courses

Career courses help you align your educational goals with your career path. These one-credit courses are taught by employers and career advisors and are overseen by University Career Services and UNIV Courses & Programs.

Decide/Confirm Major (UNIV 220)

For second semester students and beyond, emphasizes self-assessment exercises, inventories, and discussions that focus on personal attributes and career possibilities. 93% of students who completed this course would recommend it to another student!

Read What Mason students say about this course

"I was skeptical that I would even choose a major, yet here I am: I know what I want to do!"

"During this class I have found myself in relation to a major and a future career choice." 

"It is extremely helpful for undeclared students."

"If you are unsure about your major, this course helps you to combine your passion with your skills and reach a decision."

"This course is a huge help in discovering your unknown ambitions."

"It is a nice class to take whether you are in search of your major or not. For me it increased my confidence that I was on the right career path with my major and interests."

"This course helped me learn about the opportunities Mason has to offer and it also helped me declare my major. I wish other students could also take this course."

"This is course allowed me to truly explore my personal skills, strengths, and weaknesses in order to find a major/career best suited to myself. It was a valuable and introspective experience which I believe was necessary for progressing in the decision making process."

Internship/Career Readiness (UNIV 320)

For sophomores and beyond, focuses on developing career-related documents (resume and cover letter) and strategies to identify internships that align with your personal interests, values, and skills. Online sections are available.

Read what Mason students say about this course

"I will recommend this course to my peers because it helps you approach the job search process with confidence."

"If you are struggling with finding an internship this class will help you find one."

"I believe that all students looking to enter the workforce would benefit from this class."

"I would recommend this to any student who was interested in gaining the skill set required to find an internship in their field of interest."

College to Career (UNIV 420)

For juniors and seniors preparing to transition into the workplace. Emphasis is on resume/portfolio development, presentation skills, networking and interviewing strategies, real-world expectations, and professional etiquette. Online sections are available.

Students with majors in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) should also consider enrolling in a degree-specific College-to-Career course through CHSS. Credits for these courses may vary. 

Read what Mason students say about this course

"I firmly believe this class can be the difference between employment and unemployment for recent graduates." "In terms of help for my career, I got more of this one-credit course than I got from almost any of my other courses." "I wish I had known about this class when I first enrolled as a student at Mason."

"I believe all seniors should take this course. I am glad I did!" 

College to Graduate School (UNIV 421)

For juniors and seniors preparing for graduate or professional school. Emphasis is on developing strong application materials, effective testing and interviewing strategies, research and evaluation of graduate programs, and financial planning options. Online sections are available.

Read what Mason students say about this course.

"I learned everything I needed to know about preparing for graduate school."

"This course exceeded my expectations and now I feel extremely prepared to apply to graduate school."

"It was a great guide and I wish I would have taken it sooner!"

"This course allowed me get second opinions and create connections with people in my field through the mock interview and the informational interview that I conducted. I am very satisfied with what I got out of it." 

Professional Skills Development (UNIV 422)

For seniors preparing for the workplace. Build skills employers demand, advocate for yourself in the workplace, prepare for performance reviews, find out how to select health and financial plans, and more.

Read what Mason students say about this course

"[T] this class was the best I've had at fully utilizing group work to help prepare students. I think this is because while in other classes group work was done to have students collaborate to get to an end result, while in this class we did group work to practice being in a professional space." "Everything that I have learned in this class was very helpful for me now and in my future profession, and I will be sure to recommend this class to some of my friends !!" "All in all I learned an incredible amount during my time in this course and I know I am ready to now join the work-force in full stride knowing I have (mostly) developed the career competencies we were taught." "I loved the content this course had to offer, I found the majority of the content to be relevant to my internship. I began my internship at the beginning of this semester, and most of the information I received mirrored what I was experiencing at work."