Employers Site Visit Program

The Employer Site Visit Program will not be offered until further notice

Welcome to the Employer Site Visit Program! Each semester University Career Services will invite a limited number of employers to host a site visit for groups of 25 or more Mason students. This is an ideal opportunity for Mason students to observe various roles and activities within an organization and a great way to brand your organization.

Why participate?

Build your brand on campus by:

  • Showing off your facility and connecting with Mason students
  • Describing the rewards of working for your organization
  • Giving students the inside perspective to observe your work culture

Flexible scheduling - pick the day which works best for you:

  • We may suggest particular days to align with our other industry events
  • We suggest a tour duration of 3 to 4 hours, either in the morning or afternoon

Empower students to make informed decisions about career choices

Meet your Industry Advisor who will be assigned to escort the group

What kind of experience should we offer students?

Provide an overview of your company or organization

Depending on the size and resources of your organization:

  • Invite employees in various roles or departments to speak to the group in a panel discussion and allow time for questions.
  • Or divide the group of students to take rotating tours to see and experience various departments. 

Provide a general tour of your facility

How do we participate?

Participation in the Employer Site Visit program is through invitation only from University Career Services. Please express your interest in participating by contacting your Industry Advisor. Your organization must be willing to accommodate 25 or more students for a site visit. We are only able to invite a limited number of employers to participate each semester. If we are booked for the semester, please also consider volunteering or participating in our other Signature Events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should our company plan a site visit?

  • Decide which employees and departments will participate and engage with the students.
  • Depending on the size of your organization, feel free to engage various levels of your organization in the event.
  • Create a schedule of activities which should include opportunities for students to see and experience various departments and roles.
  • Although not required or expected, decide whether you will provide refreshments or lunch.
  • Build in a restroom break for the group.

May we choose which students participate?

We target our marketing for the site visit to all students interested in working in your industry. We believe that “major” doesn’t always equal “career”, so we use an industry focused approach when working with our students and employers. Student sign-ups for the site visit are accepted on a first come-first serve basis.

May we review resumes before allowing students to participate?

A pre-event resume review is not a part of this process. If you prefer that students bring their resumes to the site visit, we can add that information to our student email confirmations.

I have a security application students will need to complete. May I send it to my applicants?

Send the form or forms to your Industry Advisor to disseminate to participating students for completion.

Can I screen students by citizenship status?

If your premises will only allow US Citizens, we can market to US Citizens only. The burden of proof for citizenship will be with the employer. Provide any necessary security forms to your Industry Advisor.

What if we are interested in a site visit but we cannot host a minimum of 15 to 25 students?

Connect with your Industry Advisor to discuss other options for engaging with Mason students.

What is the best method to address students’ questions?

Build in time for questions during presentations or panel discussions. If time is limited, provide index cards for students to submit questions in writing. Provide the answers to those questions in a follow-up email to your Industry Advisor after the event. The advisor will share the information with the student group.

Should we provide lunch or refreshments?

Providing lunch or refreshments is not required, although some organizations may elect to do so. Regardless of your decision, we ask that you communicate that information to University Career Services to allow students to be prepared for breaks with their own snacks or lunch money.