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Clearance Ready Program

The Clearance Ready program is an initiative to help Mason students prepare for the process of obtaining a security clearance. Over 5 million positions nationwide require some type of clearance (eligibility for access to classified information), with the majority of those positions here in the greater DC area.

How do I Join?

Students may join the Clearance Ready program at any point during their enrollment at Mason. The earlier, the better!  Freshmen, sophomores, juniors seeking internships are highly encouraged to join. Simply show up at a designated Clearance Ready event and sign in with a Career Services representative. There is no RSVP for events unless otherwise noted.

What are the Requirements to Join?

Participants MUST be US Citizens, as citizenship is a requirement to gain a clearance. 
Students in the Clearance Ready program must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend an Introduction to Clearances session
  • Attend two additional Clearance Ready activities per semester. Qualifying Events include:
    • Industry focused panel discussions regarding clearances
    • Workshops on strategies to effectively complete required forms (SF-86)
    • Discussions on specific adjudicated points in the background investigation
    • Scheduling an appointment with your Industry Advisor via Handshake regarding the clearance process

Requirements may be completed in any sequence.

Why Should I Join?

Clearance ready candidates are in high demand! Employers in government, intelligence, and consulting tell us that they often have to issue three conditional offers to fill a single position. Unfortunately, college students are at high risk for making poor decisions with long-lasting implications. Don’t decrease your internship and job prospects due to a silly mistake or peer pressure. By joining the Clearance Ready program, you will be more prepared for this process, and if you start early enough, give yourself time to rectify any potential issues.

Students who complete the requirements for the program will be given exclusive access to special employer events, as well as priority registration for future site visits to selected employers.

Will I get a Security Clearance if I Join?

No. The Clearance Ready program does not issue a clearance. The only way you can obtain a clearance is by first receiving a job offer for a cleared position. Your employer will then sponsor the clearance process for you. Individuals are not able to purchase their own clearances in advance.
The Clearance Ready program will, however, give you access to employers seeking clearable candidates and allow you to gain the information needed to pass a background investigation. Ultimately your behavior is up to you and will be the determining factor regarding whether you are successful in obtaining a security clearance.

When are Clearance Ready Events?

Clearance Ready events will take place throughout each semester. Overview sessions will run monthly while school is in session, and at least 2 - 3 additional events will be scheduled per semester. To identify upcoming dates, visit Events and look for events labeled “Clearance Ready”