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Finding an on-campus job is a great way to build the skills employers are looking for while putting a little extra money away for those unexpected expenses.

You can find on-campus jobs, federal work-study positions, and part-time jobs in Handshake.

Current Student Employees

Our 3,000+ student employees help keep the university operating smoothly. University Career Services wants to help you make the most of your experience as a Mason student employee and find the best opportunity for you!

How do I find and apply for on-campus jobs?

Available positions with on-campus departments are located in Handshake, Mason's online job and internship database. Once your profile is completed and you upload your resume, you can begin to apply for positions. You are encouraged to utilize our drop-in hours to get feedback on your resume BEFORE you upload it to Handshake.

After logging in to Handshake, select 'Jobs' followed by 'On-campus' from the filter options.

Certain on-campus jobs may also be posted on external sites:

Do I need a resume and cover letter to apply for an on-campus job?

Yes! Upload your resume, cover letter, and Work Availability Form (PDF) to the "Documents" tab in Handshake. We encourage you to use the templates available on Create Your Resume and Career Documents if this is your first time creating a resume.

What paperwork do I need once I secure my on-campus job?

In order to complete the hiring paperwork and start working, you need to present original documents that establish your identity and eligibility to work in the US. This is a Federal requirement that has very specific time requirements that impact your ability to start working and get paid. A full list of acceptable documents may be found at USCIS Form I-9 Acceptable Documents. Questions about I-9 documents may be directed to HR & Payroll (703-993-2600).

I have applied to positions in Handshake but have not heard back yet. What do I do?

Reviewing applications, interviewing, and hiring done by an on-campus employer can take several weeks from the day you submit an application. If the position is still open and you have not heard from the employer, it is appropriate to email the employer to ask about their hiring timeline. 

Please note: Every employer has different hiring processes and policies, therefore some may be unable to respond to email inquiries.

I am a Mason faculty or staff member and have an on-campus job available. What do I do?

Visit Hire a Student Worker for information on how to post your available position in Handshake.

I am a community member interested in working at George Mason University. Where should I go?

For individuals that are looking for opportunities to work at Mason, visit Human Resources: Career Opportunities.


Handshake is Mason's exclusive internship and job database. Employers that post in Handshake are interested in recruiting Mason students and alumni. Use your Patriot Pass credentials to log in.

I am having difficulty logging into Handshake. What should I do?

All currently enrolled students except for Antonin Scalia Law School students should have access to Handshake. Make sure you are using your Patriot Pass NetID credentials, and your password has not expired. 

If you are unable to log into Handshake, call University Career Services at (703) 993-2370. Please be prepared to provide your G# and Mason email address.

How do I upload my Work Availability Form?

The Work Availability Form (PDF) is required for most on-campus and Federal Work-Study job applications. You can upload it into the "Documents" section of your Handshake account.

Federal Work-Study Jobs

Determine your eligibility then search for available Federal Work-Study positions in Handshake

Who can apply for Federal Work-Study jobs?

After filing the FAFSA, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will send an Award Notification to students whose applications are complete and who are eligible for need-based financial aid. This notification will describe the types and amounts of awards offered, including Federal Work-Study (FWS). If this notification does not include an FWS award, you are not currently eligible to obtain a position under this program.

If you are interested in FWS but are not awarded an FWS award, let Lady Ramirez, Federal Work-Study Coordinator, know so that you can be added to the wait list.

How do I find and apply to Federal Work-Study jobs?

Available positions are posted in Handshake, Mason's online job and internship database. Once your profile is completed and your resume uploaded, you can begin applying to positions. We suggest you get your resume critiqued in Career Services during drop-in hours.

Only those students eligible for work-study will be able to view and have access to Federal work-study postings. FWS positions can be hosted by on or off-campus employers, but the application process is the same for both. 

Graduate Student Positions

Graduate employment on-campus is primarily available in the form of an assistantship or a wage position.

What do graduate assistantships look like at George Mason University?

Graduate assistantships are university employment positions held by graduate students who have full-time enrollment, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and are in good academic standing. 

Assistantships are available in the following three categories:

Graduate Teaching Assistantships 
The graduate assistant participates in the instruction, advising, and evaluation of undergraduates under faculty supervision.

Graduate Research Assistantships
The graduate assistant participates directly in research or research-support activities under faculty supervision.

Graduate Professional Assistantships
The graduate assistant performs work that primarily gains them experience, practice, and guidance in relation to their academic program and that is significantly connected to their field of study and career preparation. This is a non-teaching, non-research assistantship.

Where can I find graduate assistantships or wage positions?

Assistantships are posted in a variety of places including: