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Find a Job or Internship

The average search takes 6 to 9 months!

Securing an internship or job requires a well thought-out strategy. Think of it as a long-term project with multiple steps. For more details, review the Job Search section of the Career Readiness Guide (PDF).

  • Create your resume and cover letter and have them critiqued by University Career Services
  • Identify your industry of interest and learned trends, career paths, and recruiting practices
  • Network and build relationships with alumni and professionals in your field
  • Apply for positions

Over 70% of opportunities are never posted.

They’re found through networking!

  • Make sure you are actively engaging in informational interviews to build relationships and learn more about your career field. 
  • Consider joining industry groups on LinkedIn and attending events or conferences to meet professionals in your industry. You will often learn about potential openings, resources, or recruiting practices through these conversations.

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Resources for your search

Handshake (Job and Internship Database)

Handshake is the Mason's exclusive internship and job database. Employers that post in Handshake are interested in recruiting Mason students and alumni. Handshake also features on-campus jobs and research positions. Update your profile regularly, set up search alerts and check frequently for opportunities regionally and nationally.

General Job Search Sites

General databases such as Indeed or Simply Hired cover a variety of industries and job functions for a broad audience. 

Positions listed on these databases range from entry to senior level and you can search by geographic area.

It is important to note that positions listed on general search sites can receive thousands of applications. If you choose to use a general site, consider setting up an alert system that can help you manage new postings related to your interests.

Passport Career

If you are looking for international opportunities, use Passport Career to find jobs and internships in over 75 countries across the globe including the United States. Mason students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff can access Passport Career. Once on select "Have a Registration Key?" on the upper right corner of the homepage and enter the following Registration Key: gmuniver

Company Job Listings

Companies and organizations regularly post available positions on their web sites, usually under a "Careers," "Work for Us" or "Employment" section. Be sure to cover your bases and check industry and general job boards as well. In addition, many companies' LinkedIn pages also have career positions posted.

Social Media

Social media can help (or hurt) your search for a job.

LinkedIn and Twitter now provide opportunities to follow specific companies or industries. Many companies even post their job openings on social media.

If you're using social media to hunt for a job, take time to complete your profile. Also, keep your profiles and posts professional.



Telework (a.k.a. telecommuting, working from home, e-work, remote work, or virtual work) is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite, and there are many reasons why it might appeal to you. 

Organizations view telework differently, and will each have their own policies around this mode of work. You’ll want to be sure you understand exactly what telework means at a new position before you commit to it.   

Opportunities to telework exist across almost all industries in a variety of job functions. Many traditional job searches will include telework options in the results. If you wish to focus your search exclusively on telework, these resources will help you narrow your options. 

Telework Internships

In Handshake and other job search databases, you can also include remote, telework or virtual in your search terms.

Know what fraudulent postings look like.